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If the ring is present, then the hymen is not broken. It would also have worked better if, instead of speculating, he'd simply stated that many women do experience pain and more research is necessary, since for some reason there isn't much. A man's perspective and confession Submitted by Jonathan Wells on February 24, - If you feel that your blood flow is not coming to a halt, then you must see a doctor so that the blood flow situation remains in control rather than getting out of the hands. For women with imperforate hymens, a simple surgical procedure snips away the excess tissue. Now as a mother I know If my child has this problem Ill help her fix it early and save her the pain. This will allow the perineum to stretch and open up to accommodate the penis.

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However, lackluster first experiences might have to do with the fact that most men don't know how to pleasure a woman sexually especially inexperienced men --hell, some women don't know how to pleasure themselves sexually.

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Hymen: Location, Picture,Types, Diagnosis, Repair Broken Hymen

Reminds me of the Dr that told me aspirating my knee wouldn't hurt beyond the tiny prick of the needle but it was a lie to get me to cooperate as the pain was hard to bear. The above poster may be hyperbolic, but she's not wrong, and she didn't deserve to be dismissed as "fear-mongering. Sexual Assault is a terrible crime, and I would never ever do such a thing. He's calling microperforate and cribriform hymens imperforate. I may not be a unicorn, but I definitely had a hymen. Like, are you actually partially illiterate?

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image and picture of a vargina with removed hymen
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image and picture of a vargina with removed hymen
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