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When I opened the door the boy and girl was there,inside the stall,completely naked. So basically me and my friends 2 girls and 1 boy came over for a sleep over to have fun. I finished the story mode and chose to go rub one out. It was on my crotch. I tried to explain something but didn't want to say I didn't have a towel.

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I screamed and slammed the door shut and I could hear him fall over on the other side.

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When I was in my apartment my friend came over with another freind witch was a girl since he had a key he came in I was in the shower sowhen I came out my towel got cought in the door handle my friend was in the kitchen i then fall over bang my head then I'm unable to move with the pane so she's just on the couch staring at me after that it kinda of worked out because I ended up dating her but IT WAS 5 MOUTHS LATER so it was weird BTW I'm a boy. But this time it was really bad because I drank 1L Cola cup and I was torturing myself with holding pee off. All I had was a small wash cloth that I saved to dry off with. I popped out from under water and everyone just stared at me. I got some underwear on and came out.

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